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Starting an online store may seem like a challenging task, but it can be rewarding and incredibly profitable when done right. Building a brand can also take some time. The only drawback is that you have to market your own business and get people onto your site. The major advantage is that the profit is yours. You don’t pay endless fees on each sale or have to abide by any rules but your own. If this sounds interesting to you, here’s what you can do to build your own website from scratch.

Shopify is the easiest and most reputable way to create your own store. As an ecommerce platform, Shopify makes it easy to get up and running without tech skills or a huge budget. To date, Shopify powers over one million businesses and is known for its affordable prices, professional designs, and useful marketing tools.


Additionally, there are over 4,000 free Shopify apps you can use to extend your site’s functionality and successfully sell online. Use our Shopify Store Launch Checklist to get set up today.

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